Jan III Sobieski and Romeyn de Hooghe (NL Embassy in PL)

The most influential portrait of King Jan III Sobieski was made in 1674 by the Dutch artist Romeyn de Hooghe. It shows Sobieski at Chocim/Khotyn (in modern-day Ukraine), where he defeated the Ottoman armies on 11 November 1673. It was copied by various artists and helped spread Sobieski’s fame all over Europe. De Hooghe was granted the title Servitor Regis (servant of the king) and went on to produce several other engravings showing the Polish monarch. Following Sobieski’s victory at the Battle of Vienna in 1683, he was glorified by numerous Dutch artists and authors. More information about Sobieski and De Hooghe can be found in this recent Dutch article (which includes a summary in English).

Romeyn de Hooghe, Jan Sobieski at the Battle of Khotyn, 1674.

*I originally wrote this post for the social media outlets of the Dutch Embassy in Poland. This was post no. 3.

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