I give regular presentations about my research, both to academic and non-academic audiences, in English, Dutch or Polish. If you are interested in booking or attending such a presentation, please use the information under ‘Contact’.

Conference papers

Een Ander Europa. De Scheiding tussen Oost en West voorbij.
Historicidagen 2019.
Groningen, 22-24 August 2019.

Veldheren in den Vreemde. Maurits van Oranje in het Pools-Litouwse Gemenebest en Jan III Sobieski in de Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden.
Comenius Regionaal Colloquium Neerlandicum.
Bratislava, 29 May-1 June 2019.

“The Corn Shed of the World.” The Evolution of a Seventeenth-Century Dutch Image of Poland-Lithuania.
The 65th Annual Meeting of The Renaissance Society of America.
Toronto, 17-19 March 2019.

Sightseeing through the Ages. Comparing Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Polish Travel Accounts of the Dutch Republic.
Foreign Eyes on the Republic. European Perspectives on the Republic and the Dutch in the Long Eighteenth Century.
Radboud University Nijmegen, 21-22 February 2019.

A(n Im)perfect System. Dutch Views of the Polish-Lithuanian Political System in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
Monarchy and Modernity since 1500.
University of Cambridge, 8-9 January 2019.

Trade in Turmoil. Dutch Diplomatic Missions to Poland-Lithuania in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century.
Splendid Encounters VII. Conflict and Peace-Making in Diplomacy, 1300-1800.
Vilnius, 27-28 September 2018.

“The Essence of the Entire Art of War.” Polish Views of the Dutch Republic as a Military Powerhouse and School of War in the Seventeenth Century, and their Relation with Reality.
Picturing Reality. 12th Biennial Conference of the Association for Low Countries.
University of Sheffield, 28-30 June 2018.

A Land of Plenty. The Varied Dutch Views of Poland (1600-1650).
Europe and the East. Self and Other in the History of the European Idea.
University of East Anglia, Norwich, 14-16 June 2017.

The ‘Sarbievian Craze’ and the Low Countries.
Sixteenth Century Society Conference.
Bruges, 18-20 August 2016.

Sending a Message to the Thebans, Poles and Dutch. A Seventeenth-Century Translation of Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski’s Lyr. IV, 36.
Mediating Translation in Europe. From the Early Modern Period to the 20th Century: Translation Studies and Transnational Literary Historiography.
Ghent University, 20-21 May 2014.

Other presentations

“De Kanonskogels Vlogen Ons om de Oren!” Een Poolse Kroonprins bij het Beleg van Breda (1624).
Guest lecture for
– Erfgoedcentrum Tongerlohuys, De Kring Roosendaal, 23 April 2019
– Erfgoed Brabant, Design Museum Den Bosch, 22 January 2019
– Erfgoed Brabant, Castle of Breda, 4 September 2018.

Het Ongelijk van het Vrouwtje van Stavoren. Polen-Litouwen als Graanschuur in de Zeventiende-Eeuwse Nederlandse Denkwereld.
Guest lecture, University of Wrocław, 4 April 2019.

“O, Holender!” Szlakami Badań Polsko-Niderlandzkich.
Guest lecture, University of Gdańsk, 5 December 2018.

Brabant als Toeristische Trekpleister. Poolse Perspectieven uit de Zeventiende Eeuw.
Guest lecture for Oudheidkundige Kring ‘Geertruydenberghe’, Geertruidenberg, 18 October 2018.

“Założyła Szkołę z Marsem na Krew Bellona.” Niderlandy w Opinii Staropolskiej jako Szkoła Wojenna.
Guest lecture, University of Wrocław, 6 April 2018.

“Quid enim in Belgio Incultum?” Onderzoek naar Pools-Nederlandse Wederzijdse Beeldvorming (1597-1795).
Guest lecture, Catholic University Leuven, 6 March 2018.

“Thus I Ridiculed the Boorishness of the Dutch Peasants!” Studying the Development of Dutch-Polish Perceptions and Identities (1618-1864).
Transnational Europe Meeting, Radboud University Nijmegen, 8 June 2017.

Over het Vertalen van Bruno Schulz. Bruno Schulz aan Anna Płockier.
Presentation at the Bruno Schulz Night (book presentation), Amsterdam, 23 May 2017.