In 2016, I was awarded the First Prize in the annual Polish-Dutch literary translation contest organized by Stichting Literatura and the Polish Embassy in the Netherlands. The interview I gave after the contest can be found here (in Dutch) and here (in Polish). My translation of an excerpt from Joanna Bator’s Ciemno, prawie noc (2012) was published as

  • ‘Joanna Bator. Fragment uit Donker, bijna nacht’, Tijdschrift voor Slavische Literatuur 73 (2016) 30-36.

I also participated in the Dutch translation of a collection of letters by Bruno Schulz (1892-1942), published as

  • Van Heuckelom, K. and Roosen, A. (eds.), Bruno Schulz. Brieven (Amsterdam: Pegasus 2017).


At the presentation of the Dutch translation of Bruno Schulz’ letters.

I am currently working on the Dutch translation of a number of poems by Sławomir Worotyński (1942-1983), as well as of Piotr Oczko’s Miotła i krzyż (2013), a cultural history of cleaning in the Netherlands. This last project is financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.